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Christina Strobel

About Me

I am a digital economist & behavioral scientist. My passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence & human behavior.

I have got a PhD in Economics (Thesis title: Accountability & Appraisal of AI) from the Max-Planck Society & the University of Jena, and an M.Sc. in Management and Engineering from TU Munich. I worked as a visiting researcher at Yale University and spend some time studying in China.

It might surprise you to learn that I come to data science and AI from a quantitative behavioral science background rather than a computer science background. I have however experienced that this makes me a perfect fit to work on topics that arise between the tech world and the rest of us .

If you’d like to learn more about my background – please visit my LinkedIn profile or stay in contact - follow me on Twitter.

What I do


I am researching how humans react to AI & automated decision-making systems.
My current research is about how to build a holistic AI explainability framework that allows to generate AI literacy at scale.


I have had the great honour of speaking at events and conferences around the world where I like to start conversations and provoke debate particularly on how human behavior is influenced by AI and how to use AI responsibly. See my speaker profil here (in German).


I teach 'Game Theory' and 'Digital Value Creation' to engineering and business students at the Hamburg University of Technology & the International School of Management (ISM).


I am holding a PostDoc position at the Institute for Digital Economics where I conduct online experiments, laboratory studies and surveys and run data analysis by using R and STATA.


Together with ForHumanity, KI-Bundesverband, and Women in AI I work towards developing an #infrastructureoftrust for AI. My vision is to create an AI infrastructure that puts humans - and not the technology - at its core and prevent blind spots when using or developing the technology.


I help clients to see AI not only as a technology but what it is: a socio-technical systems that spans hardware, software, data, personal, and community aspects. I support companies in establishing processes that ensure an ethical, sustainable & innovative development & use of AI.


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