Hi, I am

Christina Strobel

About Me

I am a digital economist & behavioral scientist. My passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence & human behavior. I come to data science and AI from a quantitative behavioral science background and experienced that this makes me a perfect fit to work on topics that arise between the tech world and the rest of us .

I have got a PhD in Economics (Thesis title: Accountability & Appraisal of AI) from the Max-Planck Society & the University of Jena, and an M.Sc. in Management and Engineering from TU Munich. I worked as a visiting researcher at Yale University and spend some time studying in China.

If you’d like to learn more about me please visit my LinkedIn profile, follow me on Twitter or contact me!

What I do


As a PostDoc at the Institute for Digital Economics and a member of the Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) working group, I conduct research on how humans react to AI & automated decision-making systems. As a service to the profession, I refereed for the Journal of Economic Psychology, Decision Analysis, HCII Late Breaking Papers Springer LNCS, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, and the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.


As a speaker at business events and scientific conferences & workshops around the world, I talked for example at the HCI International 2021, ASFEE 2021 Dijon, Google Responsible AI Group, IMPRS 2019 Uncertainty Topics Workshop Rome, Decision Making for Others Workshop 2018 Nijmegen, Economic Science Association World Meeting 2018 Berlin, Annual Meeting 2017 Verein für Socialpolitik Vienna, Annual Congress of the European Economic Association 2017, 2nd Coller Conference on Behavioral Economics Tel Aviv, and the Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2017.


As a lecturer at the Hamburg University of Technology and the International School of Management (ISM), I teach 'Applied Game Theory', 'Behavioral Online Experiments' and 'Digital Value Creation' university classes and seminars.

Committee work

As a member of the European AI Alliance and the DIN Expertenkreis KI-Normung und -Konformität, I work as an ambassador to transfer scientific results into norms and standards.


As a fellow at ForHumanity, a task force leader at the KI-Bundesverband, and a mentor in the All Tech Is Human - Responsible Tech mentorship program, I work towards developing an #infrastructureoftrust for AI.


As the founder of the AI ecosystem consultancy AlgoTrust, I support companies in establishing processes that ensure an ethical, sustainable & innovative development & use of AI.


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