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Sharing Responsibility with a Machine (Job Market Paper )

  • Co-Author:Prof. Oliver Kirchkamp (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
  • Published: Kirchkamp, O., Strobel, C. (2019). Sharing Responsibility with a Machine. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 80, 25-33.
  • Keywords:Experiment, Dictator Game, Human-Machine Interaction, Hybrid-Decision Situation
  • Download: Paper (working version) | Data

Project Details

Humans make decisions jointly with others. They share responsibility for the outcome with their interaction partners. Today, more and more often the partner in a decision is not another human but, instead, a machine. In this project we ask whether the type of the partner, machine or human, affects our responsibility, our perception of the choice and the choice itself. As a workhorse, we use a modified dictator game with two joint decision makers: either two humans or one human and one machine. We find a no treatment effect on perceived responsibility or guilt. We also find only a small and insignificant effect on actual choices.