Hi, I am

Christina Strobel

About Me

I am a researcher, speaker, and activist.
My passion lies at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human behavior.
I come to data science and AI from a quantitative behavioral science background.

My mission is to build an AI infrastructure that puts humans - and not the technology - at its core and prevent blind spots when using or developing the technology.

  • I do online experiments, laboratory studies and surveys to research how human behavior is influenced by AI.

  • I am holding (keynote) lectures and workshops about how to build an #infrastructureoftrust.

  • I am developing AI Auditing Frameworks and work on establishing international AI Auditing standards together with international organizations.

My Competences

Large-scale surveys & experiments

I designed, programmed and conducted large-scale (online) surveys and experiments.

A/B testing

I used controlled online and lab studies to research human behavior.

Data analysis

I analysed big data and panel data sets by using R and STATA.

Human-computer interactions

I researched how humans react to artificial decision-making systems.

Mechanical Engineering

I have a profound knowledge of mechanical production processes.

Automation and algorithms

I am interested in how people react to the use of algorithms.


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Lines of Code (2020)

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